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Flagship Projects

Global Food Warrior Movement Project is categorized into 4 flagships:

  • Innovative Agriculture:  We select communities based on their direct need,  then customize innovative farming solutions for their ultimate nutritional well-being. These sustainable solutions are influenced heavily by youth involvement and the employment of cutting-edge technology to impact the economic success and ideal outcomes of our initiatives.

  • Youth Engagement:  We engage young people, through our Future Focus Empowerment Institute team, at every stage from the building to the implementation and execution of the daily process and plan. We are in constant collaboration with the UN FAO standards and ideally, we will ascend to the highest growing standards of organic, pesticide-free optimal growing conditions for our crop through data collection and analysis to find the ideal mix of crops for its climate, culture, community, and beyond.

  • Women In Agri-Entrepreneurship:  We envision closing the Gender Gap in Women in Agriculture. Hence, we will facilitate workshops and weekly training sessions on building a business from the ground up. Women who wish to connect, learn, open, and grow their agri- business ideas will be engaged in an 8-week program to complete a business plan, marketing plan, and budget for their business and the resources available to them for financing and sustaining their businesses to success.  

  • Cocoa Industrialization Flagship Project:  We envisage becoming a leading organization that promotes cocoa Industrialization as we partner with smallholder farmers, particularly in Trinidad and Tobago which produces some of the world's highest-grade cocoa beans. 



Aqua Green 

Country: Malawi

Fields/Sectors: Aquaponics, climate-smart Agriculture, Sustainability, Greenhouses.

Partners: Youths

Duration: April 2019 - Ongoing

This project aims to create a  Malawian community where nutritious food is available and accessible to everyone. The main objective of this project is to develop a complete sustainable farming system for vegetables, and fish and create a digital marketing platform that connects farmers to markets seamlessly. 


Trinitario Cocoa Project

Country: Trinidad & Tobago

Fields/Sectors: Climate-smart Agriculture, Sustainability, Imdustrilized farming.

Partners: Smallholder farmers

Duration: May 2021 - Ongoing

The main objective of this project is to anchor the value of Trinitario Cocoa to the highest realm of recognition. The Trinitario Cocoa is ranked as the top two best and has the highest quality in the world,  


The aim of this project is to grow Trinitario Cocoa organically and market the premium value locally and globally.

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The Dream Academy Trinidad & Tobago

Country: Trinidad & Tobago

Fields/Sectors: Greenhouses, Sustainability, Vertical farming, Industrialised farming, Solar energy, Capacity building.

Partners: Youth & Farmers collective.

Duration: June 2022 - Ongoing

This project is a  partnership with Global Food Warrior, which aims to teach youths how to grow “Anything, Anywhere”. 

The main objective is to improve the capacity to grow up to 9 times as much food in the same footprint as traditional farming. 

The project will employ innovative technology in Agriculture such as permaculture, regenerative agriculture, and vertical growing hydroponic systems to create a hybrid of the agricultural industry that will change how the nation views food growing. 


Valencia Ecovillage

Country: Trinidad & Tobago

Fields/Sectors: Sustainability, Organic farming, Industrialised farming, Capacity building.

Partners: Farmers collective.

Duration: April 2021 - Ongoing

In East Trinidad & Tobago, 20 farmer's families sit on 100 acres of farmlands and the Global Food Warrior Movement works directly with the community of farmers to increase their crop yield and capacity as we train them on natural farming techniques using organic growing methods.


The main objective of this project is to encourage Food sufficiency and achieve financially sustainable growing methods while utilizing resources.

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Central Primary schools project

Country: Trinidad & Tobago

Fields/Sectors: Sustainability, Organic farming, Capacity building.

Partners: Primary Schools

Duration: September 2022 - Ongoing

The aim of this project is to train and develop primary school children between ages 5 - 12 years in central Trinidad & Tobago with the techniques of Organic Agriculture and promote nutrition for wellbeing, and have them go home to find a way of growing food in their neighborhood.

Each project is on-site at primary schools throughout Central Trinidad where we support the start of or continuation of their 4H programs in each school.


We provide resources such as seedlings and classroom instructions teaching natural growing techniques and simple meals which can be made from their produce.

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