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A Garden For Every Classroom

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

A school garden integrated into every classroom will surely impact world hunger. All around the world the hunger numbers are increasing as we see population growth become a major issue. CLimate change is at the top of everyone's mind. Opting into a school =gardening project right now might seem small, but with a view to having a garden for every classroom, we can ensure that no child needs go hungry again.

Typically gardens have been used to enhance science lessons. Lessons pertaining to plants are the easiest to teach with a garden but you should not limit yourself to only these types of lessons.

With enough creativity, and an engaged teacher, the garden and its activities can be applied to just about any lesson in the classroom. We teach from the garden and look to inspire a myriad of professional opportunities and careers that the students may not know to exist.

Science and Math have been the subjects most frequently associated with the garden, and obviously the garden lends itself perfectly to teaching about plants and plant growth, yet so many other sciences can be applied including soil compositions, composting, etymology, and the interaction of plants and insects.

Allowing your students to plan and help design the garden can help them learn about measuring, engineering, and budgeting as well as entrepreneurial skills such as profitability and basic business foundations.

History and language arts lessons can also be enhanced from the garden. Teaching different cultural realities, and all the different foods that are grown all over the world we open up our students to the world around them and it all comes from the garden.

Poets and writers have been writing about gardens for centuries, and students may relate to the tale that much easier if they can be involved. A garden is the perfect place for hands-on acute learning, and the more it is used, the more your students will learn from it.

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